Lynne Forrest & Realignment Education Project, LLC

1 Year Commitment to Mental Balance

per month for 12 months ($1680.00 total)
A commitment of 1 session per month, every month.
One 60-minute session with Lynne Forrest, per month, in order to process and unravel negative thoughts in order to regain balance and stay connected to your Higher Self and Reality.

As part of this plan, your credit card will be charged every month for 12 months, and you will schedule 1 session with-in each 30 day cycle (beginning on the day that your payment was made). For any scheduling inquiries, cancellations, or issues, contact Jaquetta at private@lynneforrest.com.

Coaching Membership Program

per month for 3 months ($810.00 total)
 The Coaching Membership Program allows you to reserve Two 60-minute sessions (one every other week is recommended) for a period of three months.
This is a commitment to do this work on a regular basis, twice a month, in order to actively see the difference in your life and the way you perceive the challenges that you face.
A three month commitment is a total of $810; Payments are made via monthly installments of $270.00 over the commitment of 3 months. Memberships may be renewed or cancelled at the end of the 3 month term.

Weekly Session Plan (One Session per Week)

per week
One 60-minute session with Lynne per week, for as long as needed.
This plan is ideal for those who wish to make a dramatic shift in their thinking, and relationships, quickly and steadily. With this plan, you will be billed every week, beginning with the day that you pay for your first session. No refunds. You (or Lynne) may cancel your Weekly session plan at any time. Sessions may be scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, as Lynne's schedule allows.